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1/10 Offroad News

Exotek introduce new 6.1 series optionals

See: Exotek Racing

Exotek have introduced three new option parts for the 6.1 series of Team Associated vehicles such as the B6.1, T6.1 and SC6.1. First up is an aluminium motor heatsink. Machined from 7075 aluminium, it comes polished in black with blue chamfered accents goes great with the stock plastic parts or after market blue parts. The alloy material is kept in place around the motor and bolt screws to resist excess motor plate flex or bending but machined out elsewhere to reduce its weight to 12gr each. The backside spacers are machined into the plate to provide more secure mounting to the gearbox. The black motor plate helps reduce your motor temps while the built in gear cover is stronger than the stock plastic cover to insure that the body does not press the cover onto the spur gear in hard tumbles.

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2018 ROAR 1/10 Electric Off-Road Nationals report

Source: Muchmore Racing USA (Facebook)

Last weekend Hobby Action RC Raceway hosted the 2018 ROAR 1/10 Electric Off-Road Nationals in Chandler, Arizona. In the 4wd Modified Buggy class it was Ryan Cavalieri (Team Associated) who took the win whilst top qualifier Dustin Evans (Team Associated) came in second and Ryan Maifield (Yokomo) in third.

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Kaja Novotný takes 3 titles at Czech Nats


The fourth round of Czech Nationals was held last weekend at the huge and bumpy astro track in Usti nad Labem. In 2wd buggy, after a wet Q1 the traction was slowly coming back and despite these changing conditions Kaja Novotný (XRAY) was able to TQ all three rounds. In finals, K. Novotný lead tone-to-tone in A1 and A2 and secured the overall win from Marek Schiller in second and Ales Bidovsky in third.

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Mainland RC Canterbury Indoor Champs report

Source: Christchurch Indoor Radio Controlled Car Club

Cast your mind back to the mid -90’s – groups like OMC, Che Fu and Coolio were at the top of the NZ charts and guys like Ian Rickerby, Ben Tiplady and Daniel Thompson were carving up indoor carpet racing in Christchurch. Some things have thankfully changed – but others stay the same! A lack of local electric racing in 2016 saw the birth of the Christchurch Indoor club in mid 2017 – which led to a resurrection of the Canterbury Indoor Champs – sponsored by Mainland RC! Interest had been brewing for quite some time and when the day came around we had 82 cars turn out with 41 drivers hailing from all over NZ – from Auckland all the way to Invercargill.  El Presidente Luke Prattley had dropped a banger of a new layout with plenty of flow – she was all on!!

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Jörn Neumann takes German Buggy 4WD & Truck titles

Source: Neumann-Racing (Facebook)

The Arena33 track hosted the 2018 German 4WD buggy and Truck in Andernach. Jörn Neumann (Schumacher) was able to take the overall TQ and then the win in the 4WD Modified class by winning all three finals from Luca Rau (Yokomo) in second and Marcel Schneider (HB Racing) in third. In the Truck class J. Neumann took also the TQ and the win from Jens Becker (XRAY) and Guido Kraft in second and third respectively.

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23rd BRCA title for Neil Cragg!

Source: Neil Cragg (Facebook)

The sixth and final round of the BRCA 1/10 Buggy National Championship was held at the Boughton track over the weekend. In the 2WD class Neil Cragg (Team Associated) took the win in front of Lee Martin (Yokomo) in second and Michal Orlowski (Schumacher) in third. In the 4WD class L. Martin grabbed the win from M. Orlowski and N. Cragg in second and third respectively. At the overall championship Neil added both 2WD and 4WD titles to his record. L. Martin and Tom Cockerill (Yokomo) rounded out the top 3 overall.

“That’s 23 for me, I’m setting that number so high these young guys coming through are never gonna reach it!” – Neil Cragg

Schelle B6.1 & T6.1 Nova slipper clutch sets

See: Schelle Racing Innovations

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced the Nova slipper clutch sets for the Team Associated B6.1 and T6.1. This 3-plate compact slipper clutch offers better driving feel, lasts longer, and has a lower mass. Weight is reduced over 6 grams and also fits into a more compact package than the kit slipper clutch.

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AVID B6.1/YZ-2 Triad direct drive & carbon parts


AVID have introduced new Triad direct drive for the Team Associated B6.1/D and the Yokomo YZ-2 and carbon fibre parts for the B6.1/D, T6.1, and SC6.1. First up is the Triad direct drive allowing stock racers to remove the entire clutch assembly for conditions where the driver feels having less rotating mass and zero slip except from the differential is beneficial.This system is the lightest direct drive unit available today for the B6.1 coming in at 8.6g (72t), just beating out the AE direct drive at 8.8g (72t). But with the AVID Triad direct drive you get to run the full-width topshaft gear (no more stripped idler gears), you don’t have to change out the topshaft, and no screws you have to worry about falling out. AVID accomplished this by replacing the 6.4g of steel weight from the long screw and spring with a minimalist design done in aluminum. There is also an included M3 aluminum flanged locknut to remove even more weight if you are using the stock steel nut.

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