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HUDY 5ml empty oil bottle, nose, steel needle & safety lock set


HUDY have introduced a set of three empty oil bottles 5ml including plastic nose, steel needle with rubber cap and safety lock. The bottle may contain any oils and features a safety lock cover. It can be provided with a dropper or needle nozzles depending on the use you wish to make. You can choose between the plastic nose with plastic cover or the needle with a rubber cap. These bottles are easy to use and easy to storage thanks to their convenient size.

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Martin Bayer doubles at Mibosport Cup Rd3


The third round of Mibosport Cup 2018/19 was held last weekend at the Sport Hotel Hrotovice in the Czech Republic. Martin Bayer (XRAY) was on the top after the free practices in both 4WD and 2WD classes. He also kept his first position after controlled practices in 4WD, but in 2WD the top seed was Ales Bidovsky (Team Associated). M.Bayer was able to take the TQ spot in both classes. Max Götzl (XRAY) lined up second and Karel Novotny (XRAY) third on the 4WD A final grid while in 2WD it was A.Bidovsky and K.Novotny who lined up in second and third. In 4WD M.Bayer snatched the win in A1 and A2 from K.Novotny, who always finished in second and M.Götzl few seconds behind them in both finals. A3 was about to decide the Top 5 as M.Bayer already secured the overall win. M.Bayer was able to win the A3 in front of Adam Izsay (XRAY) in second. Overall M.Bayer won from K.Novotny in second and M.Götzl in third.

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Team Associated FT professional mini digital scale

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Team Associated have introduced new Factory Team professional mini digital scale. It is the perfect tool when it comes to weighing small parts for your RC car. It’s also perfect for filling diffs with the right amount of fluid and is accurate down to 0.01 grams.

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HRC Racing 4000mAh round hardcase LiPo battery pack

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HRC Distribution have introduced the new HRC Racing 4000mAh round hardcase LiPo battery pack. Perfect complement to overboost any RTR car on the hobby side of the RC market, the battery pack features a rounded shape allowing to used it on any Tamiya and other RC brand that require non-squared hardcase LiPos. The HRC Racing 4000mAh round hardcase LiPo battery pack is available with Tamiya or T-plug connectors.

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Crompton & Skidmore win at Silverstone Winter Series Rd3

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Third round of the Silverstone RCMCC Winter Series was held at the Silverstone Rcmcc indoor track in Northampton, UK. In the 2WD class it was Paul Crompton (Yokomo) who took the overall TQ while in the 4WD class it was Jonny Skidmore (XRAY) who set the TQ. P.Crompton continued his momentum and won the 2WD A-Main from J.Skidmore in second and Richard Barton (Team Associated) in third. In 4WD J.Skidmore brought home the win in front of David Gibson (Yokomo) and Greg Williams (PR Racing) in second and third respectively.

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Hiro Seiko M17 screen protectors

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Hiro Seiko have introduced new screen protectors for the Sanwa M17 transmitter. The material of these screen protectors was specially developed for M17 transmitter’s touch operation. Besides enhancing the original features such as anti-fingerprint and scratch-proof, Hiro Seiko have added functions like water and oil repellent. The screen protectors are available in a set of two parts.

Ruddog 7.6V Graphene Plus LiHV battery packs

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Ruddog Distribution have introduced the new Graphene Plus LiHV battery range. The high-performance packs are built using high-power 100C Graphene Plus technology cells for more power over the whole run and less fading towards the end, resulting in constant lap times. The attractively priced batteries are available as 6000mAh and 8000mAh standard-size as well as 5500mAh shorty battery pack, and they make use of new semi-transparent hardcases with split stickers, ensuring the batteries look good for longer. Other features include 5mm bullet-type connectors for best possible power supply and they come in handy, reusable plastic boxes for convenient transportation and storage.

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Exotek B6/64 aluminium rear hubs & wing mounts

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Exotek have introduced new aluminium rear hubs and wing mounts for the Team Associated B6.1, B64, T6.1 and SC6.1. First up are the aluminium rear hubs the B64, T6.1 and SC6.1. Customized polished black base with blue chamfered accents goes great with your stock plastic parts or after market blue parts. Through careful cutting and shaping the hubs are actually 2gr lighter than the alloy Team Associated hub sets. The aluminium rear hubs come with 2mm roll center alloy spacers to match the stock geometry of the Associated alloy hubs. The updated design works as either the left or right hub (hubs are non-directional) giving you more camber link hole options.

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