William Piper wins at 12th Annual Snow Ball Race


Last weekend was held the 12th Annual Snow Ball Race at the RC Excitement track in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The 4wd mod main started fine, but a large wreck at the crossover put XRAY’s William Piper dead last with 1st nearly a full lap up. William got to work and drove it hard for the next 6 minutes and was able to get within striking distance when a bobble by first place let William get by with a minute to go and William took the win in front of Caleb Jennings and Stephen Maizer second and third respectively. 

AVID B6/B6D carbon fibre steering block arms & titanium steering axles

AVID have introduced new carbon fiber steering block arms and titanium steering axles for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. First up are the carbon fiber steering block arms, made from 100% carbon fiber, they offers Ackermann tuning options and saves you a whopping 1g in weight. The set includes 3 pairs of arms: Kit geometry, +1 mid-increased Ackermann, and +2 max-increased Ackermann. This reduces scrub and allows the vehicle to rotate better in the middle of the corner. This rotation comes at the price of less steering at the exit of the corner. +1 is inbetween the kit geometry and our +2 to help you better tune your vehicle, it is suggested that you get AVID’s set of all 3 but they are available individually.


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Anger & Heim win at SIORC Rd2


The second round of the Swiss Indoor Offroad Cup (SIORC) was hosted last weekend by the ERMC club with over 100 entries for the 4wd and 2wd classes. However the actual numbers were slightly lower due to the harsh weather conditions. Qualifying would go to Thomas Anger in both 2wd and 4wd. Thomas will continue its momentum and win the finals in 2wd in front of Marc Heim in second and Cyrille Gruaz in third. In 4wd Marc Heim took the win, taking advantage of Thomas slowed by traffic jam. Cham Dassanayake in second and Cyrille Gruaz in third completed the podium.

175RC B6/22 3.0 carbon fibre option parts

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175RC have introduced new carbon fibre option parts named “Money” for the Team Associated B6 and the TLR 22 3.0. First up are the “Money” +1.5 & +1 carbon fibre steering arms for the B6. These steering arms are machined from 2.5 mm green carbon fibre which gives them lightness and solidity. Both alter the Ackerman angle and smooth steering response and are great for tight corners and tight twisty tracks. Also included are (4) lightweight aluminum black screws to top off the factory look. Next up is the ” Money” carbon fibre front shock tower for the 22 3.0, cut from 5.0mm green carbon material, featuring added material for increased durability. The center ribbed adds strength making it a great stock replacement or upgrade.

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Bruno Coelho signs 8 years contrat with XRAY


XRAY have announced that the World and European champion Bruno Coelho has re-signed with XRAY for the next 8 years and will be part of the team in 2017 until 2024. Bruno is a multi-talented RC car driver racing all classes and in the 2017 season will attend both off-road and on-road races and will race with T4, NT1, RX8, XB4, XB2, XB8 & XB8E. Bruno will in 2017 participate in all regional, national and international races including World Championship 1/8 On-road, World Championship 1/10 Off-road electric, European Championships, The Neo Race, XRAY Racing Series and many other. Bruno has the following to say:

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Nemo Racing Track Days 2017

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Who has not dreamed of spending a good day in the company of drivers of his favorite team? Nemo Racing thanks to his “Track Days” will surely be the happiness of many drivers who were able to rub shoulders with Darren Bloomfield, Mark Rumble and many other members of the official team at the KORT facility in Helston Cornwall on Saturday 4th February and on Sunday 5th February as well.

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JQRacing: Dare to Dream

Never one to follow the crowd, JQ Racing has encountered countless hurdles along the journey, and here’s a video showing their story.

“It’s not been an easy one, there’s been some heart break, and some disappointments along the way, but it’s also been a lot of fun, and an experience well worth the effort! Now things are looking up, and we need to find the motivation to make it to the top!”

Jean-Pierrick Sartel teams up with Modelix

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Modelix Racing have announced the signing of French front runner Jean-Pierrick Sartel to their world racing team. “JP” is a very promising and talented French driver that will be runing and helping on the development of the Procircuit tyres, Ultimate engines and other Ultimate Racing products.