Riccardo Berton wins The Italian Job Race


The main final of this summer edition of The Italian Job Race will be challenging for drivers and mechanics because of the blazing sun. At this elimination game one driver will combine speed, regularity and reliability: Riccardo Berton. Several drivers will lead the race for a few laps and all will fall at one time or another. The two unluckiest are Darren Blommfield, fuel line cut and David Ronnefalk which his tank does not close properly (see photos).

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Bloomfield on pole for IJR Final

DSC_5112 14.49.53

Darren Bloomfield starts on pole for the hour-long final here at the Italian Job Race in Alseno, Italy. Darren Bloomfield will win the most “quiet” semi final ahead Riccardo Berton. Berton lead the race but two mistakes will allow Blommfield to take the lead of the race. This will be the fastest semi final and Bloomfield perform 32 laps in 20: 26: 104. Behind the duo we find Elliott Boots who achieves the fastest lap time with 36: 428. The Kyosho driver is followed by Leonardo Valente in 4th, Jonny Skidmore in 5th after a consistent race and Alex Zanchettin who deserved better but that has to go through the pits to fix a mechanical problem.

DSC_4873 14.49.53 DSC_4986 14.49.53 DSC_5069 14.49.53 DSC_5017 14.49.53

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Riccardo Berton’s IJR TQ Double


Gradually, as the rounds go the pressure is clearly felt. In Nitro Buggy 2 drivers are neck and neck: David Ronnefalk and Riccardo Berton. If Ronnefalk with a superb 9 laps in Q4 has set the bar high, Berton certainly will not give up! Everything will be decided in the 5th and final round between the two drivers. This round will be very intense; Ronnefalk will make two small mistakes but enough for Berton grabbed the round victory and therefore the overall TQ. He beat Ronnefalk less than 2 seconds behind and Darren Bloomfield always in the top 3.

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Ricky Berton doubles TQ in Q2 at IJR


Riccardo Berton continues to impress since this morning by performing very fast chrono while he did not participate at the free practice yesterday. From the controlled practice it was clear he was going forward because he was already in the top 5. First round of qualifications he was 2 in E-Buggy and 4 in Nitro and for the second round he did the double!

DSC_4772 DSC_4828 DSC_4767 DSC_4808

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David Ronnefalk takes Q1 at IJR

IJR vs AO friday27

“The track is opeeeeennnnnn” launched by Maurizio “Maugrafix” Fantinel to mean that the real fun began just heard in the Italian countryside. E-Buggy kicks off without Elliott Boots (see here) and while everyone expected that Alex Zanchettin to take the TQ view its speed previously he had to retire due to an electrical issue. Darren Bloomfield will crop up as a rocket and took the TQ in Q1 in front of Riccardo Berton 5 sec behind and Ollie Carrie 4 sec behind Ricky.

IJR vs AO friday19 IJR vs AO friday12 IJR vs AO friday6 IJR vs AO friday1

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Elliott Boots leads the way in Italian Job Race Controlled Practice 1

IJR vs AO friday13

The Italian Job Race VS Outdoor Arena began his show on the Nicolas Offload Track deemed (rightly!) As one of the most beautiful in Italy. The track is quite big, not like Redovan track, it is well designed with good big jumps well made. The track kind where we pleased, from beginners to experienced drivers. But like any track “easy” go fast requires talent and that’s good because as usual with The Italian Job Race stars are there with multiple European Champions as Elliott Boots and David Ronnefalk, Yannick Aigoin, Darren Bloomfield and a lot of talented Italian drivers like Berton, Zanchettin, Stocco, etc …

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SWORKz S104 EVO 12mm hex conversion kit

S104 EVO 12mm hex conversion kit

SWORKz have introduced a 12mm hex conversion kit for the S104 EVO. Originally the S104 EVO is provided with an unique 14mm hex wheels and now you can use the same 12mm hex wheel from all brands on both front and rear. The upgrade kit includes 12mm front and rear hex adapters, solid axle pins, rear drive shafts with the wheel axles, rear strengthened arms, rear hubs and suitable mounting hardware.

Website: SWORKz

VRP B6/B6D aluminium motor plates

Laydowd Motor Plates

See: Vision Racing Products (VRP)

Vision Racing Products have introduced two aluminium motor plates for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The VRP line of 7075 cnc machined spur guard motor plates are designed to help protect your spur gear from rubbing the body as well as add style to your laydown transmission on your B6/B6D. There are two versions of this motor plate, the first being equal to the same 9.6 grams the stock plate weighs. The Lightweight version cuts down almost 2 grams, weighing 7.8 grams.

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JConcepts 2011 Ford F-250 Super-Duty, SuperCab Mini MT body

JConcepts 2011 Ford F-250 Super-Duty SuperCab Mini MT body1

Officially licensed by Ford, JConcepts have introduced the 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty SuperCab body as a drop-on replacement body for the mini Monster Truck vehicles. Built Ford Tough, JConcepts has brought an essence of the 2011 Ford F-250 truck together with the latest offerings in realistic styled bodies. The F-250 is as detailed as they come, starting with a grill / headlight and hood combination that stands-out as toughness just like its full-scale counterpart.

Website: JConcepts

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Tebo’s 2016 ROAR 1/10 Nats report

rb6.6 tebo 2016 roar nats

Race report by Jared Tebo:

It’s time for the 2016 ROAR 1/10 Nationals, held in the midwest this year! It’s actually pretty close to me, so I can drive my own car to the race: Omaha, NE at The Plex at Hobby Town. I have been putting in the work for the 1/10 Nats and made a trip up in June and July to race the Summer Series they host, so I was excited for the week to start. I drove up Wednesday morning and would get there for the 10am start time of open practice. Wednesday would be open practice, Thursday controlled (seeding) practice, Friday Q1 and Q2, Saturday Q3 and Q4, and Sunday all the Mains. The track looked good, pretty technical, but nothing too difficult, looked good for racing as well.

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