REDS Racing dismiss Ryan Maifield

In a move that is widely being lauded by online commentary, respected Italian engine marque REDS announced today they have split from US team driver Ryan Maifield, only days after starting from pole position and finishing 3rd at the IFMAR Worlds in Perth Australia.

“Following the events that occurred during the IFMAR World Championship 2018 in Australia, we wanted to announce that Ryan Maifield has been dismissed from Reds Racing Team for breaching the contract.” – Facebook

The industry respected and decorated Mugen driver choosing to run a brand of crankcase and carb other than from the sponsor he represented since January 2016. for competitive reasons. With all drivers pitting under one central large tent, secrets aren’t kept for long, and rumours were rife towards the end of qualifying. Ryan would go on to put in a dominant performance in the semis and would start on pole and lead for the first third of the final before taking the final podium spot.

A sad end to a partnership that brought both much success.

Davide Ongaro wins 2018 IFMAR Worlds

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In a race of his own at times, Davide Ongaro is your 2018 IFMAR World Champion having won in style in Perth, Australia. The young Italian has been leading the pace all year and  takes over the reign from David Ronnefalk who won in Las Vegas two years ago.

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A quick recap of the semis saw high profile drivers not make it – Bruno Coelho after he had threatened for the lead, Dakotah Phend and Elliott Boots. Ty Tessmann would win his semi with Davide Ongaro behind, whilst the second semi final would prove faster, Ryan Maifield taking the win ahead of David Ronnefalk, the Arizona native starting on pole. It was a dramatic build up as the weather turned just before the first semi practice would go on track, giving it a good sprinkle of rain, however thankfully the rest of the day was overcast but dry.

The main would start with Maifield leading the pack out, a clean start soon turned into disaster after defending Champion Ronnefalk suffered from slipping clutch bearings, he would come into the pits and lose touch with the leaders.


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This began to form the theme of the main as Maifield, Tessmann and Ongaro were the main protagonists. With all drivers having driven through the 30 min semis, it was really only until midway through the final that Davide Ongaro began to stretch his lead having overtaken Ryan Maifield definitively on lap 33 and he never looked back opening the gap outfront in pure dominant fashion.

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Maifield’s start from pole would end in 3rd on the podium as the Mugen driver succumbed to a longer pit strategy from Ty Tessmann who took 2nd, David Ronnefalk briefly threatened Maifield in 3rd after driving up from the back of the pack but mistakes late on would drop him into a solid 4th infront of Ryan Cavalieri and Robert Batlle.

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A fantastic and dominant victory from Ongaro who originally set the pace in practice, lost his way somewhat in quali before turning on the crescendo. Fully deserved with no driver able to stay in touch with his pure relentless lap speed, his victory marred however by very sad post-win finger-pointing by certain camps… We witnessed a rather public trial in the technical inspection booth post race where cars were subject to incredibly detailed inspections by IFMAR’s officials and the very dedicated tech inspection team. Sometimes one must accept when you’re beaten.

Davide OnGyro Ongaro deservedly joins the World Champion Club!

2018 IFMAR Worlds: Live!

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Perth Local time

1/4A – 9:30 AM |  1/4B: 10:15 AM
Semi A – 11:45 AM  |  Semi B – 12:30 PM   |  Last Chance – 2PM
Worlds Final: 14:50

IFMAR Worlds: Lower Finals Live!

Live Timing | Results

Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro

Davide Ongaro – Italy



RC Fantasy League: watch, play, win

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Zachary Rogers launched the RC Fantasy League, a website who allows you to follow your favorite drivers at some of the worlds largest RC races. You can create profiles, get credits, and pick your favorite drivers potential finishing positions to earn points and possibly win some cash. The goal with the money raised is to help fund a new National series in the USA, known as RC National Series. With the launch of RC Fantasy League at the 2018 IFMAR 1/8 Nitro Off-Road IFMAR World Championships, it is plan to build off this event and continue to extend his contest to many other races throughout the world.

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Ty Tessmann 2018 Worlds TQ

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Qualifying at the 2018 IFMAR Worlds in Perth Australia saw a three-way tie of TQs between eventual overall Top Qualifier Ty Tessmann, David Ronnefalk and Davide Ongaro – each driver taking two rounds. Ronnefalk would set the fastest time of qualifying in the first round, whilst Ty would step it up and take rounds 2 and 3, Davide Ongaro up until then had looked out of sorts but picked it up and TQ’d Q4. David Ronnefalk badly needed a boost after a rough rounds 3 & 4 and stormed to TQ in the penultimate qualifier before Davide Ongaro impressed with a final TQ.

In 4th Ryan Maifield, rescuing his effort somewhat in the last round whilst Robert Batlle surely has his eyes on the prize on Saturday, always setting up his car with an eye on the main. Stand out performances from the likes of Naoto, CJ Jelin and Tanner Stees who did what he needed to do in Q6 to make it into the top 16. Join us on Saturday to follow the action.


Ongaro TQ’s final qualifying round

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It would come down to the deciding round of quali at the 2018 IFMAR Worlds to determine overall TQ and it proved a bit of a fairytale round for Davide Ongaro who pretty much didn’t put a foot or tyre wrong, the Italian Associated driver bagging TQ by an impressive 7.5 sec margin from Ty Tessmann, Ongaro seemed a man on a mission as he floated his way round the track like a butterfly with laptimes that stung like a bee…

With the track packed out the question on everyone’s lips was, could Ronnefalk unseat Ongaro’s impressive performance ? The answer was a definitive no, as the Swede started out brightly but would struggle to make it cleanly over the step down jump, he had multiple moments across his run, ultimately costing him vital time that may have secured him overall TQ over Ty Tessmann, that said however going into the final round, Ronnefalk already had two throwouts and needed a good run, not a TQ one. He would finish behind a strong Spencer Rivkin in his heat taking 3rd overall infront of Ryan Maifield in 4th amidst paddock gossip regarding his engine. Standout performances from CJ Jelin and Tanner Stees to ensure they make it into the top 16 for Saturday.